Ace of Spades

Tracking the Goblins

The whinny of a horse catches Rupert‘s ear, and as he looks around for the source of the sound, he sees a rider at the crest of a low hill, a few hundred yards away. The rider seems to be human, but as the goblins flee he shakes his fist in frustration. his jet-black horse rears and whinnies again, and the rider’s red cloak billows behind him in the wind. Then the horse gallops off southwest, into the Moon Hills.
The merchant is not seriously injured, but as the goblins run away he glances into the back of the wagon and swears vigorously. “They stole it!” he shouts. Then he turns to Rupert. “You… you were incredible in that fight. You probably saved my life. But I need your help again. The goblins stole somethingfrom the back of my wagon – something precious. I need to get it back.”
Rupert has a helpful and adventurous spirit. Traevus gladly accepts his offer of help and promises a reward of 30 gold pieces if he returns the stolen item. “It’s a small wooden box with a lock,” he explains. He asks Rupert not to look in the box if he find it, though blushing slightly as he explains that the contents are personal.
Rupert makes a wide circle around the site of the goblin attack looking for tracks that might indicate where they came from, and where they ran off to. Though they scattered after his display of strength, the goblins likely regrouped somewhere nearby and made their way back to their layer together.
Trampled grass here, footprints in the dust there – Rupert’s pretty sure he’s identified the goblins path away from the scene of the attack.
Following the tracks leads him through some rough terrain. Either the goblins were trying to throw off any pursuit, or they clambered up cliffs and ravines without much thought. Rupert thinks he can follow, but it’s going to take some work.
The goblins treacherous path barely slows him down as he scrambles along after them. He soon finds himself looking at three cave entrances that are almost certainly the goblins lair, and so far he doesn’t think he’s alerted the goblins to his presence.
With swift skill and a bit of luck Rupert deals with the four goblin guards on duty but it quickly becomes apparent that he can’t take on the whole goblin lair by himself. He needs help, preferably in the form of other brave adventurers. Rupert retreats from the goblins caves and makes his way back to civilization. In Fallcrest, maybe he can find a few companions to lend their might to his quests.



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