Ace of Spades

The First Encounter

The goblin lair was too much for Rupert to handle alone, but there’s strength in numbers.
They find themselves on a lonely road, approaching the goblin lair. The distant howl of wolves has followed them since they set out from Fallcrest, and now they see two of the beasts emerge from behind some rocks along the side of the road. The wolves growl menacingly. With a shrill cry, two goblins appear from behind a ruined tower and rush to attack!
The heroes needn’t have worried as Thorget storms in, Olisadebe stays back. Rupert dances and tumbles in and out striking wherever possible and a slightly more sober Earl deals with any injuries to the party giving them encouragement all the way.
The skirmish did not last long and our heroes continue on their way to the goblins lair.



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