Ace of Spades

The Ace of Spades

Earl wakes up bruised and bleary eyed in a large room consisting of many beds with many inhabitants. “What the fu…?” He then starts to remember about all the drink and being too far from home but where the hell was this place?
Tonight in the ‘Ace of Spades’ was much the same as any other night. The usuals were mostly there. Dirty old Roger chatting up the barmaid, Włodek and Grzegorz scratching their balls…
Thorget and Olisadebe are currently enjoying their 23rd and 2nd pints respectively reflecting on problems past and mulling over the lack of prospects anew. A band plays quietly in the corner a song about a hurricane. This amuses Olisadebe slightly as he noticed that the song before had been one about wind and how it changed. And if the truth be told, it did look as though the weather outside was getting worse by the minute.
BLAM!… The door to the adjoining sleeping quarters slams open and out staggers Earl, tankard in hand and puke down his tunic.
BLAM!… The door opposite to the outside world slams open with wind and torrential rain gushing in blowing out the nearest candles in the vicinity. In steps a tall slim figure. An aura of mystery surrounds him. As the room falls silent he moves across to the bar. “My name is Rupert” he says, “I may be in need of some assistance.” The bar man looks him up and down, puts down the glass he was drying, “Of course sir, but first… SHUT THAT FUCKING DOOR!!!”
Earl swaggers to the bar tankard in hand, “Fill it up!” he demands. He turns to Rupert, “What the fuck are you looking at?”
“I am on a quest and require assistance,” he calmly replies. “I am tracking a mysterious rider whom I believe to be in league with a pack of goblins who stole a box from an aquaintance of mine. You apppear to be an honourable man. Will you join me?”
“If you buy me a pint then Aye!” replies Earl as he looks into the bottom of his cup. Rupert agrees so Earl collects his ale and heads off towards the music. He makes it 5 steps before crashing into the table where our two dark strangers are sat, knocking over their drinks in the process. “Sorry ’bout that” he mumbles, “I’d buy you a pint but I’m skint, but if you see that funny looking bugger over by the bar with the pointy ears, he’ll get you one”.
And so it was, our heroes meet. Thorget and Olisadebe discuss terms with Rupert while Earl noises up the band and ends up with a lute over his head for his trouble.



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