Ace of Spades

Goblin Attack!

The wagon rattles and creaks as it rolls along the old trade road. Traevus, the dwarf merchant, guides a team of mules with a steady hand, more interested in the road ahead than in Rupert‘s attempts at conversation, but that’s part of dwarven nature. Though the sun is low in the sky, they should reach the town of Fallcrest before nightfall.To their left, the Moon Hills stretch off southward and reach up toward the darkening sky. The fall air grows cooler with night’s approach.
Suddenly, a noise shakes them out of their reverie – the twang of a bowstring, coming from the shadows beside the road. Traevus cries out as an arrow sinks into his shoulder. With a shrill cry, a pack of goblin run toward the wagon, brandishing weapons. Rupert spots another goblin pulling an arrow from a quiver on its back. It’s clear these creatures mean to steal the wagon – and that probably means eliminating both Rupert and the merchant first.
Rupert draws his dagger, leaps down from the wagon and sneaks around towards the nearest goblin. He hits the goblin! His skillful stab got past the goblins natural agility and penetrated its light armour, cutting into flesh and bone.
The goblin falls under the force of Ruperts attack, but another one quickly leaps up and swings its crude sword at him! The goblins sword bites into Rupert, but it’s just a minor wound. Pain shoots up his leg from the attack, but he can fight on.
Rupert uses his acrobatic and tumbling skills to go on the defensive against the goblins, hoping to better defend himself from the swarming horde. Rupert is on the defensive, expertly countering each attack made against him by the swarming goblins. The goblins hesitate, glancing around at their fallen comrades and then looking back at Rupert. Suddenly the goblins realize that capturing this wagon isn’t going to be as easy as they thought. They turn and run, scattering in all directions.



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