Ace of Spades

The Twisting Halls

Our heroes arrive at the goblins lair where they find two passages heading deeper into the earth. They choose the southern passage and enter the room…


Two ornate braziers cast a faint red glow around this large chamber. Thickly scented smoke clouds the air before disappearing through small ventilation holes in the stone ceiling. They can just make out a pool of water deep inside the room. Tethered to an iron ring set into the wall near the pool is a black horse. They see a number of doors, covered in beaten brass, leading from this chamber.
Two goblins, clutching short spears, glare at them with bloodshot eyes.
“You’re not welcome here,” the nearest one snarls.
“Intruders!” the other one screeches.

The First Encounter

The goblin lair was too much for Rupert to handle alone, but there’s strength in numbers.
They find themselves on a lonely road, approaching the goblin lair. The distant howl of wolves has followed them since they set out from Fallcrest, and now they see two of the beasts emerge from behind some rocks along the side of the road. The wolves growl menacingly. With a shrill cry, two goblins appear from behind a ruined tower and rush to attack!
The heroes needn’t have worried as Thorget storms in, Olisadebe stays back. Rupert dances and tumbles in and out striking wherever possible and a slightly more sober Earl deals with any injuries to the party giving them encouragement all the way.
The skirmish did not last long and our heroes continue on their way to the goblins lair.

The Ace of Spades

Earl wakes up bruised and bleary eyed in a large room consisting of many beds with many inhabitants. “What the fu…?” He then starts to remember about all the drink and being too far from home but where the hell was this place?
Tonight in the ‘Ace of Spades’ was much the same as any other night. The usuals were mostly there. Dirty old Roger chatting up the barmaid, Włodek and Grzegorz scratching their balls…
Thorget and Olisadebe are currently enjoying their 23rd and 2nd pints respectively reflecting on problems past and mulling over the lack of prospects anew. A band plays quietly in the corner a song about a hurricane. This amuses Olisadebe slightly as he noticed that the song before had been one about wind and how it changed. And if the truth be told, it did look as though the weather outside was getting worse by the minute.
BLAM!… The door to the adjoining sleeping quarters slams open and out staggers Earl, tankard in hand and puke down his tunic.
BLAM!… The door opposite to the outside world slams open with wind and torrential rain gushing in blowing out the nearest candles in the vicinity. In steps a tall slim figure. An aura of mystery surrounds him. As the room falls silent he moves across to the bar. “My name is Rupert” he says, “I may be in need of some assistance.” The bar man looks him up and down, puts down the glass he was drying, “Of course sir, but first… SHUT THAT FUCKING DOOR!!!”
Earl swaggers to the bar tankard in hand, “Fill it up!” he demands. He turns to Rupert, “What the fuck are you looking at?”
“I am on a quest and require assistance,” he calmly replies. “I am tracking a mysterious rider whom I believe to be in league with a pack of goblins who stole a box from an aquaintance of mine. You apppear to be an honourable man. Will you join me?”
“If you buy me a pint then Aye!” replies Earl as he looks into the bottom of his cup. Rupert agrees so Earl collects his ale and heads off towards the music. He makes it 5 steps before crashing into the table where our two dark strangers are sat, knocking over their drinks in the process. “Sorry ’bout that” he mumbles, “I’d buy you a pint but I’m skint, but if you see that funny looking bugger over by the bar with the pointy ears, he’ll get you one”.
And so it was, our heroes meet. Thorget and Olisadebe discuss terms with Rupert while Earl noises up the band and ends up with a lute over his head for his trouble.

Tracking the Goblins

The whinny of a horse catches Rupert‘s ear, and as he looks around for the source of the sound, he sees a rider at the crest of a low hill, a few hundred yards away. The rider seems to be human, but as the goblins flee he shakes his fist in frustration. his jet-black horse rears and whinnies again, and the rider’s red cloak billows behind him in the wind. Then the horse gallops off southwest, into the Moon Hills.
The merchant is not seriously injured, but as the goblins run away he glances into the back of the wagon and swears vigorously. “They stole it!” he shouts. Then he turns to Rupert. “You… you were incredible in that fight. You probably saved my life. But I need your help again. The goblins stole somethingfrom the back of my wagon – something precious. I need to get it back.”
Rupert has a helpful and adventurous spirit. Traevus gladly accepts his offer of help and promises a reward of 30 gold pieces if he returns the stolen item. “It’s a small wooden box with a lock,” he explains. He asks Rupert not to look in the box if he find it, though blushing slightly as he explains that the contents are personal.
Rupert makes a wide circle around the site of the goblin attack looking for tracks that might indicate where they came from, and where they ran off to. Though they scattered after his display of strength, the goblins likely regrouped somewhere nearby and made their way back to their layer together.
Trampled grass here, footprints in the dust there – Rupert’s pretty sure he’s identified the goblins path away from the scene of the attack.
Following the tracks leads him through some rough terrain. Either the goblins were trying to throw off any pursuit, or they clambered up cliffs and ravines without much thought. Rupert thinks he can follow, but it’s going to take some work.
The goblins treacherous path barely slows him down as he scrambles along after them. He soon finds himself looking at three cave entrances that are almost certainly the goblins lair, and so far he doesn’t think he’s alerted the goblins to his presence.
With swift skill and a bit of luck Rupert deals with the four goblin guards on duty but it quickly becomes apparent that he can’t take on the whole goblin lair by himself. He needs help, preferably in the form of other brave adventurers. Rupert retreats from the goblins caves and makes his way back to civilization. In Fallcrest, maybe he can find a few companions to lend their might to his quests.

Goblin Attack!

The wagon rattles and creaks as it rolls along the old trade road. Traevus, the dwarf merchant, guides a team of mules with a steady hand, more interested in the road ahead than in Rupert‘s attempts at conversation, but that’s part of dwarven nature. Though the sun is low in the sky, they should reach the town of Fallcrest before nightfall.To their left, the Moon Hills stretch off southward and reach up toward the darkening sky. The fall air grows cooler with night’s approach.
Suddenly, a noise shakes them out of their reverie – the twang of a bowstring, coming from the shadows beside the road. Traevus cries out as an arrow sinks into his shoulder. With a shrill cry, a pack of goblin run toward the wagon, brandishing weapons. Rupert spots another goblin pulling an arrow from a quiver on its back. It’s clear these creatures mean to steal the wagon – and that probably means eliminating both Rupert and the merchant first.
Rupert draws his dagger, leaps down from the wagon and sneaks around towards the nearest goblin. He hits the goblin! His skillful stab got past the goblins natural agility and penetrated its light armour, cutting into flesh and bone.
The goblin falls under the force of Ruperts attack, but another one quickly leaps up and swings its crude sword at him! The goblins sword bites into Rupert, but it’s just a minor wound. Pain shoots up his leg from the attack, but he can fight on.
Rupert uses his acrobatic and tumbling skills to go on the defensive against the goblins, hoping to better defend himself from the swarming horde. Rupert is on the defensive, expertly countering each attack made against him by the swarming goblins. The goblins hesitate, glancing around at their fallen comrades and then looking back at Rupert. Suddenly the goblins realize that capturing this wagon isn’t going to be as easy as they thought. They turn and run, scattering in all directions.


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